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Old Jim Customs Unique Chrome Accessories for your Harley Davidson!

Old Jim Customs was actually born in the mid nineties. I had a real sharp pick-up that I had done a lot of work on. I did some of the paintwork, designed the exhaust, ect. At that time custom conversions were the rage, Mark III, Southern Comfort, Choo Choo Customs, just to name a few. At that time I started to tell every one that my truck was an Old Jim Custom. That is how Old Jim Customs came to exist. That truck eventually caught fire and burned up and I took the insurance check and bought a 1999 Harley Davidson.

My sole mission at that time, and for the next couple of years, was to build a show winning bike. On my quest to do so, Triple Shot was created. Not only was Triple Shot created but some very unique custom accessories, for Harley engines and frames were developed as well. Parts which I believe were instrumental in Triple Shots success in bike shows. Which brings us to the reason for this web page, which is to bring these parts to you.

What has resulted is a U.S. patent we recieved on our first piece we call the head plate. I believe that Old Jim Custom head plates will eventually come to be known as absolutely one of the best custom accessories for Harley engines to come along ever. I had bought a set of head bolt covers, made of white metal, or something like that. To make a long story short, they looked like crap.

In an attempt to make them look better, I decided to set them on a bed of chrome. I designed a piece of chrome plated billet aluminum, which covers the flat surface of the heads, that goes around the head bolts and sparkplug. At this time Old Jim Customs head plates were born. I have them to fit 883, 1200, 1340, and twin cam 88 heads. They are available to consumers now. They look great, and are a good way to clean up your heads.

Our second patent is truly a custom designed piece that has never been seen on Harleys before, we call it the Frame Grill. It mounts to the down tubes and gives your motor a "grill", just like a car or truck. Designs are limited only by your imagination. They can be made either in Show Chrome or Powder Coated colors, flat or gloss. You can even mix or match Grills and designs in any combination of finishes to totally trick out the front of your bike!

Frame Grills are designed to fit almost every Harley Sportster, Dyna, Softail and Touring frame and are installed in seconds.

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